Accelerating Reading for Children in Arizona

Administrators at the schools we partner with are the ones most closely linked to the children in our program and have a deep understanding of the tools they need to help them excel in school.

While visiting our affiliated project, Lake/Desert View Elementary School in Arizona, our Director of U.S. Programs, Renée Kube, met with our volunteer coordinator, Elouise, and the school’s principal, Ms. Erikson, who felt that her students would greatly benefit from using Accelerated Reader — a computer software that monitors the practice of reading.

Understanding Accelerated Reader

Renaissance Learning, Inc., the company that developed Accelerated Reader (AR), states on its website that the software was developed for use in K-12 schools and is “intended to help children at school manage their reading, to provide teachers with the assessment of the reading ability of a class, and to encourage reading.” Accelerated Reader can also help improve a student’s knowledge of many different varieties of books and also raise their vocabulary It comes in two versions: a desktop version and a web-based version on the company’s online portal.

Other benefits of AR

Beyond just encouraging reading among students, AR also provides:

-An assessment of a student’s reading level through the STAR (Standardized Test for the Assessment of Reading) test

-A system of using reading formula which includes average sentence length, average word length, vocabulary grade level, and number of words in the book.

-A computer based quiz that assesses comprehension and tests general knowledge using a computer-based 3 to 20 question multiple choice quiz

- A range of reports for parents and teachers that detail ongoing student progress.

Thanks to our Hope In Action Fund, Renee was able to provide Ms. Erikson with funding to purchase the AR software, so children and teachers at Lake/Desert View Elementary School could benefit from computerized reading support and enrichment.

Helping Carlotta buy a home

After meeting with Ms. Erikson, Renee had the chance to meet with Carlotta, one of the mothers of children enrolled in our sponsorship program.

“Carlotta is a single mother of six who works hard to take care of her children and her home,” said Renee.

Carlotta lives in a small apartment that costs her over $700 a month in rent. Not long ago, she was presented with the opportunity to purchase a used trailer for $3000 and place it on the land she already owns. This would save her the $700 rent each month and give her and her children more room. At the time of Renee’s visit, Carlotta had about $500 saved up to purchase the trailer.

“Understanding that the purchase of a trailer would be life-changing for Carlotta and her kids, I agreed to provide the family with Hope In Action Funds for the remaining amount,” explained Renee.

A few weeks later, our volunteer coordinator Elouise reported to Renee that the trailer had been purchased, and there were funds were left over to buy materials for some small repairs and buy a refurbished propane stove.



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